Thursday, October 30, 2008

McKinney campaign website hacked; Chomsky voting McKinney

Received this in the mail, from Amee Chew (read her article supporting voting for McKinney). Check it out!  

Just wanted to share some sadness (and yeah, sick-and-tiredness) ...

The reason why the official McKinney/Clemente website has been down the last few days is because it was hacked. A national campaign rep just told me.

None of the other candidates' websites were hacked down -- not other Third Party runners like Nader's.

This reminds me of another website,, for Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel, that was bravely started by survivor Dorothy Mackey. It used to serve as a valuable resource containing survivors' testimonies. The site has been shut down for the last four years because it was hacked and replaced by a pornography portal.

Whose hands does technology get swiped from, and why?

Who targeted her? Was hacked by people who really hate McKinney as a black woman? By other minor party supporters who are in competition with the Greens...? I know, I can't jump to conclusions, but still.

On another note, Noam Chomsky wrote me, he is voting for McKinney.


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