Monday, June 22, 2009

Regrouping Against Repression in Iran

The video clip below is from Al Giordano's The Field.

But, first ... It is refreshingly reassuring to see more able voices coming out in opposition to idiocy, when it comes to presenting realistic analyses of what's going on in Iran. I have known for a long time that, though the Clueless Leftists (CL, from here) are a loud bunch, their numbers are small. So, although it may seem like it at times, not all Americans leftists are CL: which is to say, not lost in the fog of stupidity and cowardice, refusing to stand with the people in Iran, and instead standing steadfast with the murderous machinery that is shooting the people in the streets. 

Anybody not standing with the people, in this very unambiguous people-v-state situation, are standing with a most vicious dictatorship the Iranians have had to endure. 

And PA'LEEEEASE stop the nonsense fantasies (you're not fooling anybody, stop fooling yourself)  that, by standing with a theocratic machine, you're defending the 'Muslim world'. What a bunch of patronizing, ignorant, Orientalist horse shit!

'The Muslim World'; as if it's this homogenous thing (and it has to be a 'thing', since no social grouping of such a huge magnitude and diversity can so lazily be portrayed as something totally homogenous) existing without a trace of any deep, internal divisions like class divisions, gender divisions, people-v-state divisions, ideological divisions; as if this thing does not consist of countless nationalities, hundreds of language groups, living across the oceans and continents, in numerous metropolitan centers, and all the way to the most underdeveloped rural areas; as if this thing presented as a monolith is not, in short, actually fractured a thousandfold just like the 'Christian world', the 'Jewish world' and the 'Buddhist World'.
The real insult in this 'thinking' is that it actually equates a vicious theocratic dictatorship, protected by hired shock-troops shooting unarmed, peaceful demonstrators in the streets as representative of the 'Muslim World'!! In defense of its muddle headed views, desperation must indeed need to resort to absurdities. 

Those CLs, not-too-ironically, are the most consistent purveyors of right wing conservatism, of doing nothing, of assuming that the powerful are Gods and nothing in this world is possible unless the powerful are behind it. Well, the PEOPLE too are powerful! The CL's reflexive, knee jerk 'analyses' are filled with defeatism, total and utter submission to the status quo and its claims of omnipotence, replete with distrust of the people, and, as some wise man said, their political rhetoric is nothing but the recognition of the impotence that they experience perpetually in their own society, formulated into 'arguments'.

But, again, let's see the full half of the glass. We must rejoice and be happy and joyful that not all American leftists have gone off the deep end, ending  up in bed with a theocratic dictatorship.

Note: The clip was taken on June 21. The two most voluminously voiced slogans in the clip: "Natarsid, Natarsid, Maa hameh baa ham hastim," (don't fear, don't fear, we are all together), and "Marg bar dictator," (death to dictator). 

Power to the people, no delay! 
Long live the people's movement! 

Regrouping Against Repression in Iran
Al Giordano - June 21, 2009 at 8:53 am

This video comes from today's events in Iran, according to the Vigilante Journalist website.

In contrast with yesterday's scattershot street battles, during which state authorities largely succeeded in preventing a critical mass of demonstrators from assembling together, those marching in this scene have succeeded in restoring a sense of strength in numbers to the protests against the regime.

What's amazing is that they've accomplished this with so many means of communications blocked and with much of the visible leadership arrested or disappeared. They're not following orders from "leaders." Today's demonstration is a manifestation of a collective impulse toward organization.

I agree with Gandhi when he said, “My non-violence does not admit of running away from danger and leaving dear ones unprotected. Between violence and cowardly flight, I can only prefer violence to cowardice."

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