Friday, August 21, 2009

Expose the Rapes in Iran's Prisons

This is from Revolutionary Road (slightly edited). 

Women campaign against rape and torture in the Islamic Republic's prisons!

According to the reports which have already been published from the Islamic Republic's prisons, demonstrators arrested in the recent uprising by people demanding their rights, particularly those kept in Kahrizak, have been raped in group and banes and guards have put them under the worst medieval tortures. Many of detainees, whether female or male, have died in rape rooms because of repeated and group rapes and due to rupture of uterus or rectum and intestinal bleeding.

Now Islamic Republic denies rape in its prisons, due to the fear of facing Iranian people and public opinions in Western countries. Broadcasting news of rape and torture of the recent detainees in Iran and across the world has created a wave of disgust and hatred against the Islamic regime. Exposing and fighting against rape and torture in prisons are important tasks of the freedom demanding movement of Iranian people in this struggle.

In the Islamic Republic regime, many women in prisons have been raped and murdered so far and those who have survived, are now buckling under severe physical and psychological damages due to rape and torture. Zahra Kazemi, Zahra Bani Yaghoub, Azar Al Cana'an, Roya Toloui are some of these people. But also young boys and adolescents in prisons have been raped by Islamic regime of Iran. Students who were arrested, accused of protesting, have been raped in prisons by a person(s) or by objects such as bottles.

We want to condemn these crimes. We have to prevent these kinds of disasters by widespread protests. In this revolutionary situation some things have to be done so that victims of these medieval tortures can claim their rights and reveal these crimes. We publish the stories and cases of this terrible crime and send all these cases to organizations, legal authorities and international committees against torture. We do not allow this crime in Iran to be forgotten like what happened in Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Bangladesh or Japan through the passing of the time, nor by allowing speaking about it becoming a taboo.

The immediate requests of our campaign are as follows:

1. We want condemnation of torture and rape by the Islamic Republic regime as a crime against humanity.

2. We demand agents and people in charge of rape and torture and murder and violence in the prisons of the Islamic Republic in recent events and in thirty years of this government's life to be put on trial.

3. We demand all the torturers, interrogators and rapists in Islamic Republic's prisons to be identified.

4. We want freedom for all political prisoners and the closing down of all known and secret prisons and detention centers.

5. We want all the tortured and raped prisoners to be treated and get healed, and we demand the best conditions and welfare and health facilities to be created for these loved ones, so they can get the best treatment to recuperate from the physical and psychological effects of violence.

6. We want cancellation of executions, stoning and abolition of the Islamic Republic's constitution, as well as the punishments and penalties which are contained in it.

7. We want the right to life to be recognized and a person's mental and physical conditions to be safe from any kind of harassment.

8. We want a kind of criminal justice/legal system that counts the crimes of rape and infringement on human's spirit and body, violence against children and women and all human beings much more heavily than the crime of infringement on estate and property rights and their punishments and penalties.

Join our campaign. This campaign belongs to all freedom-demanding people regardless of borders and sexually imposed discrimination. Help us to expose and follow up on these recent crimes. We will be informing people in the next public declaration about holding demonstrations, conferences and campaign actions by announcing the dates and places.

15 August 2009 , 24 Mordad 1388

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