Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Iran Families of Detainees to Protest

Found on Payvand Iran News.

Families of Iranian detainees to stage protests
Report Source: Radio Zamaneh

Families of Iranian political prisoners who have been detained since the protests against the outcome of the June presidential elections in Iran have announced that they will stage a peaceful protest on October 28 to demand the freedom of their loved ones.

They have also warned that if the officials "pretend not to see us or hear our message" we will sit in strike.

They add that if their "strikes and gatherings" prove fruitless, they will go on a "collective hunger strike" so that "those who have been blinded and gone deaf with power may come to their senses."

On June 18, these families also wrote to Qom scholars and clerics to "seek justice" for their families.

In their new announcement today, posted on Norooz website, they have declared that at the same time, they will take their demands to "international human rights and legal organizations" and that they will not stop until they have achieved the "liberation of (their) chained family [members]."

The families maintain that they have lost heart in "seeking justice through the constitutional and religious rights of the citizens." They add that they have achieved nothing through legal procedures, issuing announcements and meeting with Shiite clerics.

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