Friday, March 26, 2010

Iran: Appalling Abuse of Women Prisoners in Gamma Ray Experiments

This is from Freedom for Iran.

Freedom For Iran

The following article has been sent to the "Freedom For Iran" blog by an unknown Freedom Fighter. Since The people of Iran need the World's help to act as their voice, we are publishing this article. "Freedom For Iran" hopes that all people around the world are informed of the article, and the tortures that Islamic Regime of Iran is committing against the women in prison in Iran.

This report has been compiled by a group of Iranian medical personnel working in the newly independent countries of the old Soviet Union. It's a revelation with far-reaching implications that need to be exposed to the world. These crimes are being perpetrated by the Iranian Regime who are collaborating with Russia!
Please distribute this information to news media, internet sites and governments throughout the world. This story needs to be told!

We have evidence that women in Iranian prisons are being used for scientific experiments using radiation. They are being raped and they and their unborn children are being experimented upon using medium to high Level doses of Gy radiation (1.4 to 4.2) doses. Some of these women are now dead and their bodies further abused to hide the evidence of the experiments done to them!

This is the story:

Between 1972 and 1979, in Russia, various experiments were carried out on the effects of radiation treatment. A big part of the project involved using political prisoners bi-linearly and spatially - exposing them to radiation and then experimenting using new forms of treatment on them.
In early 1989 there were two leaks that exposed this project to the public involving a famous Russian journalist and a Swede. The project was cancelled in 1992 and all the files were removed from Lubyanka (KGB Central Command).

In 1999, thirteen years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and with renewed military interest, new funding was acquired for the project once again. It has now been revealed that in 2007 and then again in 2008 a delegation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard experts along with a person named Mr. Bateni who appears to have had some medical training travelled to Russia and spent a total of 13 months on this project studying the effects of radiation on the human body (mostly Gamma Rays). During this period the Iranian regime acquired two devices used to emit medium to high levels of Gy (1.4 to 4.2) doses. In the Summer of 2009 reports were received that a number of 'European Looking' medical personnel had visited Iran's notorious Evin prison.

Parallel to this report, other reports came out that for two weeks three foreign doctors were using the laboratory facilities of a modern hospital in Tehran. The area they were working in was completely off limits to other hospital personnel.

At the same time, in the Summer of 2009 there were an unusually large number of reports about the medical conditions of political prisoners in Iran who had suffered from rapid hair loss, and from blood in their stools and noses.

They were also reported to suffer from vomiting & nausea – all could be signs of radiation poising. These reports mostly came from the cities of Tehran, Arak and Amol.

In 2008 a unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards was allocated funding to examine the effects of high radiation on the liver, brain, breast, reproductive system and blood stream. Two scientists from Belarus were assigned to this project. Part of the study was to assess the mutancy in women and unborn babies (pre and post insemination). This was a continuation of the work done in Russia in 1975.

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