Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Confront the Islamic Republic's Dementia

Statement of Executive Committee of Revolutionary Workers' Organization of Iran (Workers' Path / Raah Kaargar)

Confront the Ruling Islamic Republic's Demented Policies of Revenge

The dizzying punch of the million-strong presence of the people on February 14, 2011, has driven the rulers insane. Extortionist members of the parliament, after seeing people's power on the Day of Rage, left their seats to shout slogans, 'Death to Mousavi & Karroubi' in the parliament! Paid clerics conducted a sit-in at Tehran's Arg Square. [After stealing the body of a martyr they themselves had killed] The Basijis and Revolutionary Guards organized a Shiite ceremony, in which they carried the body of martyr Saane' Zhaaleh, a member of the Pen Association of Kurdistan, and by doing so they completed their crimes, and they cracked down on the protests by the students of the Art College [where Saane' Zhaaleh was a theater student]. Those who killed Saane' Zhaaleh and Mohamad Mokhtaari with bullets, were now posing as those burying Saane', and thus threw fresh salt into the deep wounds of his martyrdom. Snatching people's martyrs, shouting 'Death to Mousavi, Karroubi & Khatami' in parliament, conducting vast waves of arrests and organizing utterly and shameless campaigns of lies on the state TV -- all these testify to the fact that the people's move on February 14, 2011, had such an effective impact on the body of the Islamic regime that it has come down with a case of dementia.

The Islamic Republic, which claimed support for the movements of the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples, is faced with widespread infamy, and like a wounded snake is lashing out and seeking revenge. Threats of the nation's attorney general regarding the prosecution of the organizers of the movement, operationalizing other Kahrizak-like [secret torture camps and] detention centers, such as the one in Mesgar-Abaad [on the outskirts of Tehran], attacking the students of Art College, these are all examples of Islamic Republic's revenge-seeking policies. A regime that is in complete international isolation, and in order to break the people's resistance will not refrain from committing any crimes whatsoever.

At the same time that our organization condemns Islamic Republic's revenge-seeking policies and actions, we must raise alarms regarding the criminal moves of the regime against those detained on February 14 [1,500 according to official figures, likely a lot more], against political prisoners and against the reformist leaders, and we call on everybody to use whatever means available to expose these brutal policies. By exposing and shaming to the utmost the Islamic rulers [of Iran], we shall not allow them to place the blade of revenge against the throats of the people who have had enough. It is up to the activists and organizers of the mass movements of the people inside Iran to spread their fight and struggle among the workers and the poor and the dominated classes, and to mobilize ever greater number of people, and to create ever-stronger barricades against the onslaught of the rulers.

Our organization calls on all political activists and democratic organizations to show widespread reaction to these demented policies and campaigns, and by organizing various public actions to spread international awareness regarding Islamic Republic's crimes in Iran. We must not allow the criminal Islamic Republic regime to bludgeon to death our people's anti-dictatorial movement.

Down with Islamic Republic!
Long Live Freedom, Long Live Socialism!
Executive Committee of Revolutionary Workers' Organization of Iran
16 February 2011 / 27 Bahman, 1389

[Original, in Persian: can be read here.]

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