Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Imperialist 'Grand Bargain' with Iran

This came in the mail, curtsy of Liz Burbank, whose indefatigable efforts on shedding light on imperialist thinking and strategizing are invaluable and priceless. The piece (read the article here) is by a think-tank, among whose board of directors is that luminary of imperialist thinking, Francis 'End of History' Fukuyama.

A longer commentary of ours is forthcoming, but for now, we'll leave you with Ms Burbank's own commentary:

Many 'word warriors' among us have been stoking the fire a long time predicting imminent u.s. war on Iran. No argument that the u.s. prepared for war militarily and with incessant psywar 'news', but beyond the threats, it was also wielding carrots, carrying on back-channel talks, getting Iran's approval of its occupation of Iraq and its puppet govt., for starters.

Many still continue to predict this imminent war without taking into account the major changes political-economic-military setbacks that have severely weakened u.s. imperialism. Though it is a possibility, directly or via its zionist proxy, it is not a likelihood as many of us have argued for a long time, and it has distracted people, even mobilized street protests against a possible attack instead of against actual genocidal u.s. wars.

[Here], an imperialist thinktank analysis puts U.S. - Iran in the context of u.s. geostrategic agenda, proposing a new policy to salvage u.s. supremacy in the ME and beyond, to beat out rapidly gaining capitalist rivals China & Russia. Considering the all-round u.s. political-economic-military situation, some variation on this proposal is necessary for the empire and I think likely to be implemented under the next probably dem. admin. despite opposition. (Check out bipartisan participants who's who at the recent newamerica conference -- a good antidote to and exposure of the electoral con-game distracting and paralyzing u.s. 'progressives')

This much 'oilier' policy to maintain u.s. hegemony, if reported at all by the 'news', will of course be presented in neoliberal drag as a step toward 'peace', so our readers need to be prepared, to see how it serves the u.s. bipartisan global agenda.


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