Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Signs of Life from American Labor

Found this on Socialist Worker. Seems like these workers in Chicago are finally showing the way. At least part of the way, anyway. The first step: GET PISSED OFF! And take direct action! 

Republic workers target Bank of America
Lee Sustar looks at the latest developments in the workers' occupation of the closed Republic Windows & Doors plant.
December 10, 2008

A BIG labor rally was set for Bank of America's Chicago headquarters at 12 noon December 10 after negotiations failed to resolve issues that led workers to occupy the Republic Windows & Doors plant five days before.

According to an Associated Press report yesterday afternoon, during talks between the workers' union, Republic management and Bank of America (BoA) officials, the bank had agreed to finance Republic's payment of severance and vacation pay that management had illegally failed to provide for workers--a move that sparked the occupation.

But officials from the union, the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), said there was no deal--and that even if there was, workers would have to vote on it before it could be accepted.

So the December 10 protest was on--and judging by the continued strong and spirited turnout of supporters at the plant the day before, it will be sizeable.

Read the complete report/analysis here ...

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