Monday, December 29, 2008

Year End Note

For the few passers by who lose their way to this place, I am very sorry that not much has been happening here. No novel thoughts have occurred that others aren't expressing in better, more effective fashion. 

And ... Working on a book.

IN the meantime, please go to Uruknet, where you can get the best reporting on the latest barbarity being committed by the Israeli fascists against the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip. I think this, more than any other topic, is worth reflecting and acting on: a most vicious barbarity against a defenseless population, already starved, already deprived of all infrastructure such as electrical power, fuel, food, forget about schools and medicine. This defies all politeness, so if I were to say anything at all, it would be filled with obscenities. Which is why I am referring the reader to some place else, where invectives are not present in abundance.

Just to prove how lucky it is that I'm sending you to another place, here's a taste of what I won't subject you to in its full animation. Below, find a template instead, in which 'F' shall stand for different cases (adjectival, adverbial, nominal, verbal) of the word 'fuck', just so the offensive word will not have to appear repeatedly, and in the process no harm shall be done to anybody's gentler sensibilities.

In lieu of an introduction, I believe that certain subjects, topics, what have you, don't require analysis or commentary; I call them post-analytic. The reality speaks way clearly for itself in such cases. I share this thought and understanding with Frederick Douglass. He too thought that certain things, for him slavery, required only invectives and the raising of people's indignant passions.

So, here are my 'thoughts' on the Israeli 'F'ing 'actions', as the CNN and the rest of the 'F'ing media call them, in Gaza.

'F' Israeli 'F'ing government; this cancerous, sick, cold-blooded, sadistic 'F'ing entity, and all their soldiers. All of them war criminals. They claim that they cannot take it any more, that they will now wage 'all out war'; as if they have not been waging all out war on the Palestinian people for over sixty years! 'F' you, 'F'ing lying, two-faced monsters!
'F' likewise the American government, the Brits, the European 'F'ing Union, the weasel Japanese, even the Chinese and the Russians. The whole bunch of them a gang of thieves or of bought off, miserable, repressed, lesser imperialists, still pretending.

And 'F' the groveling, fawning miserable Arab heads of 'F'ing states, who couldn't even put together an Arab League meeting after three days of slaughterhouse had been working around the clock in Gaza. Shame! On this, at least, the Iranian government had more balls than most Arab governments. So, those Arab governments should just 'F'ing eat shit, the cowardly 'F's!

'F' particularly the Bush regime, and their enablers the Democrats, and all their lackeys in all levels of the government, the media and the academia.

And ... 'F' you very much too Mr. House Negro to the AIPAC, you Uncle Tom through and through, your charlatan Mr. Continuity of Business As Usual, Barak 'F' Obama, the 'F'ing rat, for choosing to say nothing about the wholesale massacre of civilians! Like, would you have also said nothing, if 350 Jews had been murdered by rockets delivered by fighter jets, helicopters and drones, 'in retaliation' for the killing of one singular Palestinian Arab?

Long Live the People of Gaza and the Greater Palestine!
Tyranny will be defeated! Justice will be had!
Long Live Free Palestine!

* * *

As for the New Year ... Nothing changes on New Year's Day, as some old punk once said. And very little of it is likely to turn out happy anyway, especially where suffering is in the most dire need of ceasing to exist, in places like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, just to name a few in only one little neighborhood of our world civilization; if one can call it that. More like, our hardly-managed barbarian jungle. 

See you next year!

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