Thursday, July 9, 2009

Khiaban No. 17: Anniversary of another uprising in Iran

Translation of the lead article of Khiaban #17, received in the mail.
For reports, photos and videos of July 9th protests, you can go to Revolutionary Road ... 

18th of Tir/July 9: From 1999 to 2009
By Amir K.
Khiaban #17/ Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 9th/18th of Tir is close. Both sides are preparing. Massive nationwide protests by the people, and their prevention by the state. The government has announced the day off, so as to reduce the traffic and Tehran's daily crowds. SMS services have been turned off again to disrupt the organizing. But, the people are organizing by the word of mouth, and using any cracks to inform as many people as possible about the July 9th protests, and forming numerous small cells, so as to dawn on the streets again with all their strength.

July 9th/18th of Tir, is the anniversary of a student uprising against state violence and the attacks of the death squads on the Tehran university campus, in 1999. In that year too the death squads and forces of crackdown attacked the Tehran university campus, watering the soil with the blood of students. Students' reaction was unequivocal: an uprising. The state, however, came forth wielding two blades: violent crackdown and deceit.

It was said to return to homes and pursue your grievances through legal means. A majority of the students, who still harbored illusions about Khatami, left the streets. They were promised that soon committees created by the people's popular president would uproot those who, vigilante-like, had allowed themselves the right to violate the university's sanctity. The more radical elements of the movement stayed, and the government's wolves went after them. Once the streets were emptied of the people, on July 14th, Khamenei's thugs took over the streets and bellowed howls of victory. And the city was once again under the control of the government.

The law convicted a single soldier for stealing a student's shaver. All others were found not-guilty. Some were promoted to high ranking embassy staff in Iranian embassies abroad. Some were promoted to directors and other cultural figures. On the other hand, the Ezatollah Ebrahimnejad's were buried in scorched earth. Numerous students spent many years of their lives in the regime's prisons. At that time, a generation of student dissidents was liquidated so that a dictatorial Islamic regime shall remain.

Ten years have passed. This time, it was not only in universities but in all of Iran that a line of blood was drawn. And again, some hands are working hard to turn the streets over to the enemies of the people, with the promise of pursuing things legally. But, this time, people have paid a very high price for their practical knowledge. They have realized that they are the many. The millions. And the power of their unity cannot be broken by any oppressive machinery.

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