Thursday, July 2, 2009

Picket Venezuelan Embassies!

Forget about picketing the Iranian embassies! If they don't give a flying puck about the millions of Iranians inside the country, they sure as hell would not give a flying puck about demos in front of their embassies around the world. If anything, they just take pictures of the demonstrators and add info to their files on people to harass and terrorize down the road. 

But, as a good and a very wise friend keeps reminding me, it's about time to target those collaborator states (such as Venezuela) giving succor to Ahmadinejad-Khamenei's coup. If we showed up in front of their embassies, they will at least have to feel the shame of shaking the blood drenched hands of a criminal regime. 

Also, while we're at it ... 

We also need to pressure the Nicaraguan government to issue statements of support for the people of Iran, for the working classes of Iran, for the revolutionary women, students and the youth of Iran, and in opposition to a theocratic dictatorship, which, in the 1980s helped the Reagan administration to funnel funds to the murderous Contra thugs who were terrorizing the Nicaraguan revolution, holding it hostage, bleeding it slowly, all throughout the 1980s. The Iranian regime was co-conspirator in that treacherous enterprise. 

It is time to cash in those chips. The heroic people of Nicaragua, and their revolutionary Sandinista leaders paid heavily for the mistake of the leftists all over the world, who thought that they could go to bed with a vicious theocracy, and ended up dead. This theocracy is 'anti-imperialist' only in sinister gestures. In their well documented deeds, however, besides their stabbing in the back of the Nicaraguan revolution, they have helped the imperialists plenty in securing their plans for the greater Middle East, during their invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Thanks to the full account presented by Robert Parry (forgiving some of the hyperboles presented), American readers must now know what a lot of Iranians have known for thirty years: that this theocracy colluded with the Reagan campaign team in the 1980 presidential elections, at the behest of the Israelis mind you (!!!), to make sure that Carter was not re-elected. And he wasn't. The history of the behind-the-scenes collaborations between the theocrats and the Republicans came to shameful yet insightful light in the form of the Iran-Contra Affair. 

But, it didn't stop there. For all the fire and the fury expressed about the axial qualifications for being evil bestowed on Iran by the Bush regime, during W's presidency, the trade between Iran and the U.S. actually increased tenfold

Also, Ahmadinejad's inflammatory rhetoric is a fantastically welcome dose of 'rising up of the temperatures' that the likes of Israeli war criminals love to have around. What better than another crazy in the neighborhood to justify the crazies in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem? These odious creatures are made for each other, and they are made to crush the decent people's hopes of leading a normal, peaceful, dignified and just life. These people live on militarism, jingoism, prejudice, superstition, hate and falsehoods. 

So, if in the recent episode of the Iranian people's struggle for democracy and freedom some 'leftists' (such as the shameful Hugo Chavez, Worker's World Party, World Socialist Website, Monthly Review/MRZine, et al.) ended up supporting a most vicious dictatorship, we can only conclude that their compass is way off, or that they don't use any compass at all, besides their egos and their imagined contingencies, and that indeed they are no leftists, but a bunch of statist conservatives, just like that character, Paul Craig Roberts; that docile servant of the Reagan administration (who to this day defends Reagan's economics), and whose writings are nowadays taken as God's own words seared into stone that is to be held in awe by all 'leftists'.

With 'leftists' like that ... Go figure! 

German neo-Nazis praise reelection of Iran's Ahmadinejad (The Local: Germany's News in English/June 25, 2009) [This was first spotted on Louis Proyect's The Unrepentant Marxist]

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