Monday, November 16, 2009

26 year old Kahrizak doctor found dead

This (very suspect) news came out some days ago. The particular piece reproduced here is originally from homylafayette.

Suicide, heart attack or something more sinister: Young doctor at Kahrizak detention center dies at 26
(updated 2:00 PM GMT, Sunday, 15 November 2009)

A young medical doctor at the notorious Kahrizak detention center has committed suicide, according to the Norooz news site.

Ramin Pourandarjani, 26, was fulfilling his military service obligations by serving as a physician for Greater Tehran's police force at the Kahrizak detention center prior to his death on Tuesday. Peyke Iran published what it claimed was Pourandarjani's Facebook photo.

Roshangari news site reported a story at odds with the suicide scenario. According to an article posted by the site on Sunday, Dr. Pourandarjani passed away in the early hours of Tuesday at the dormitory of the police health services building in Tehran. His family was informed that the cause of death was a heart attack.

The atrocities committed against jailed protesters at Kahrizak detention center were so egregious that Leader Ali Khamenei had to order its closure in late July. It is unclear whether the makeshift prison has been shut down or not.

Pourandarjani had examined several abuse victims at Kahrizak, including Mohsen Rouholamini whom he had seen two days before his death. Pourandarjani allegedly blew the whistle on Rouholamini's death and was arrested for a week in late July. He was released on bail after the medical examiner denied Rouholamini had died of meningitis, as the regime and Health Minister Kamran Lankarani had insisted, and determined that the cause of death was repeated blows to his head.

Pourandarjani had been questioned since his release by the internal investigations unit of NAJA (nirouyeh entezamiyeh jomhourieh eslami or the Security/Police Forces of the Islamic Republic), the military authorities, and the disciplinary council of the medical examiner's office. But the doctor, who had intimate knowledge of the atrocities and perpatrators at Kahrizak, was also put under pressure and threatened by plainclothes forces, according to Roshangari news site.

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