Friday, November 13, 2009

Clueless Idiots

This is a declaration!

The wretched cluelessness of some in the American left is beyond description.

While the Iranian butchers were in conference rooms making deals with imperialists in the preoperational stages of the invasion of Afghanistan, and later with the same gang of international power projectors as the invasion of Iraq was getting nearer, these leftists were busy defending the Iranian regime. As the collaboration of the Iranians with the American, the British, et. al. continued on, and as the Shiite militias were heavily armed (at least partly) by Iran and as they ethnically cleansed all the Baghdad neighborhoods, the American left defended the Iranian regime as if this theocratic dictatorship were the embodiment of revolutionary socialism itself.

The cluelessness has continuously thickened over the years. When the regime thugs were beating up, knifing and shooting from rooftops and windows at people in the streets, and as those thugs rounded up our citizens by the thousands and carted them off to secret locations and got down to the nasty business of breaking limbs, heads and spirits by raping the youth of our country, these treacherous idiots cheered on the theocratic regime by spreading the propaganda swiftly provided by the regime.

Now, the treacherous dolts are being shown to have been totally comedic idiots (if, unfortunately, not so tragic in consequences). The reality is unfolding clearly enough. The nuclear conference/negotiations are the forum giving the theocratic dictatorship its world acceptance; we watch the negotiations take their respective turns of now friendly handshakes, now half-veiled threats, now pats on the back given by varying-level imperialist countries participating in the charade ... All the while slapping the Iranian people in the face; the safety of hundreds of thousands of people living in and around Bushehr never even thought of. It's all about details to do with a face-saving way for the Islamic Regime of Iran to become a bed-fellow with imperialists openly, and with all the proper protocols afforded them, and to get the charade over with once and for all.

The clueless idiots have been warning (for FIVE YEARS, mind you) of 'imminent attacks' being prepared by the U.S. and/or Israel. As it turns out, the Iranians are preparing for the last rounds of the negotiations and the final act of this charade is revealing the true nature of the relationship deemed ideal for imperialists to have with their theocratic partners-in-crime in the Iranian government.
* * *
Very recently and right after all the naked violence unleashed by this fascistic regime against the entire civil society in Iran, some clueless idiots were discussing an opinion poll of what Iranian people think about their government; a poll conducted over the phone from Washington, DC, an 'opinion poll' which concluded that a whopping 81% of the population supported Ahmadinejad!!!

What clueless fu**ing idiots. As if the Iranian people had not just expressed (and continue to express every chance they get) their real opinion about their government by taking to the streets in millions (shouting, "Death to the dictator!") even while knowing fully well the consequences.

Now ... Sometimes I truly wonder about this world we live in. I wonder if people even understand the word 'dictatorship', or fascism of a religiously clothed kind. Or have they been so thoroughly brainwashed that they cannot even SEE a dictatorship even though thousands of pieces of evidence are in existence (just YouTube 'iran protests') documenting countless horrid examples of a dictatorship in action; evidence of events that are very, very recent?

There are plentiful video clips showing the Iranian security forces shooting from rooftops at the people below, some even showing dead bodies; there are video clips of the security forces smashing up buildings, cars, going into people's private residences and violently threatening women and men inside their homes, in their courtyards; there exist numerous video clips of huge and massive demonstrations, as in, million if not hundreds of thousands' strong; we have hundreds (by now) of testimonies of physical torture and senseless beatings, psychological torture, rapes as well as threats of rape, and in one case, that of Taraneh Mousavi, we know that the 'security' agents group-raped her, and after she died of internal bleeding (due to the fact that the 'security' forces removed her from the hospital they had delivered her to, after group-raping her), these very pious security forces burned her body to cover up their horrendous crime. In short, there are thousands of pieces of evidence of the barbarity of this regime that has imposed itself on the people of Iran for thirty painful years, and all that evidence is not enough for some 'leftists' to conclude the same thing a majority of Iranian people have known with their blood, sweat, tears and their children for thirty miserable years.

To get back to the opinion poll, so after the courageous uprising of the Iranian people against this abject barbarity ruling over them, some U.S.-based polling trading post friendly with the government of Iran picks up the phone and calls one thousand people or so in a country of seventy-some million people, to get a gauge on the 'Iranian national mood'.

Let's put aside for a moment the miniscule nature of the 'sample base', which in and of itself is laughable as an indicator of any nation's mood regarding the local-national government; a highly complex and fluid category in even the freest and 'most stable' of societies.

Imagine you are one of the Iranian samples, and you receive this rather strange international call, in Iran, in the aftermath of all the horrors you just witnessed first hand, of things done to people who had peacefully expressed disagreement with the government. You have just witnessed what the government does to anybody who dares voice a dissenting idea. Additionally, you are well aware of the fact that the government has some of the best technologies with which to listen in on everything going on, thanks to the Chinese and the Russian benefactors of the regime. At least that is your assumption, and it is a safe one if you understand the kind of society you live in. Given that it is a phone conversation on your registered phone and that the government keeps pretty good tabs on things like that, you take it for granted in fact that any critical opinion voiced by you about the government, over this very recordable phone line, comes with a well-documented and operational probability of facing at least some harassment, and quite possibly arrest, senseless beatings, possible rape, or dying of 'meningitis' in prison (as in, from the repeated pounding you will receive to your cranium, from truncheons in skilled hands of paid thugs, a death that will be reported by prison authorities as, 'death from meningitis').

So, now, you tell me, dear reader, what kind of answers would you give to this person who claims is calling you on behalf of some 'polling agency' in 'Washington, DC', or whatever? Knowing that the government is particularly interested in international calls. And, again, fully aware of the price of an out-of-line answer.

But of course even this picture, painted as it is, cannot possibly drive home the point to the fools who talk about 'opinion polls' conducted with regular people in Iran as if they were talking about a poll taken of Vermonters' attitudes regarding their lovely green state.

What is one to tell such people? When reading their utterly ugly garbage or having to discourse with such people, I feel like I am talking to some insane teenager going through intense identity and anger issues. There is no logic to engage with. There are only unrelated series of non-sequiturs arranged in sentences and paragraph arrangements. But no sense at all comes of any of it. This fascistic theocracy is made out to be 'just another normal state', which can only lead us to conclude that the 'normal', for these people, is pretty bleak.

One idiot says 81% of people support the coup regime. Another one chimes in, 'The left in Iran should be addressing the 81% that support Ahmadinejad!', proving that not only do they not understand the Iranian society or the state in the slightest bit, they don't even know the meaning of the word 'dictatorship'. If you ask them, though, they KNOW (oh, boy, do they!) that THEY live under the dictatorship of Capital, and they can recite entire treaties by Marx and Lenin on the subject. Yet ... yet, they like to pretend to be completely blind to a most vicious dictatorship of religious men and their bazaari mercantilist allies (not even 'progressive' industrialists), that is based purely on violence, oppression, fear, terror and regional bullying. These 'leftists' are, for all cognitive, psychological and social purposes, insane. They are simply insane and therefore incapable of distinguishing between actual reality and their own hallucinations-cum-beliefs (narrations, etc.). The other side of the description of insanity -- endlessly doing the same and expecting different outcomes -- applies to them as well.

The whole lot of them should go to hell right along with the fascistic thugs they support. They can all hold hands in their respective circles in hell, lick the gunk off each other's faces, and watch the butt-ugly faces they loved to give succor to while alive in this hell on earth. They can all go and make love to themselves for all eternity. Politeness is bunk! Go love yourselves, you miserable wretches!

My loveable Iranian comrades tell me not to waste heartbeats. I should listen to them. I will. But the rage for these traitorous self-lovers dirties my blood too much, and some spilling of guts becomes necessary once in a while. How long are we supposed to take insults and just turn our faces? How long should we stand by while getting kicked in the head not just by fascistic regimes and their paid goons but by 'leftists'? What the ...! What an unloved-up, f'ed up, screwed-up world these idiots live in and impose on others!

And that is the true mark of a clueless idiot. All they can do is make life even more miserable for anybody they can stick it to. Just like the right wingers they love to hate.


Parvati said...

I agree 100%! Iranian protest movement posters who tried to inform ppl about conditions inside Iran got persecuted on leftist blogs all over the web, a truly disgusting spectacle. I myself - a non-Iranian from Italy with a sound historical-memory understanding of exactly what kind of regime beats shoots tortures and rapes unarmed protesters - I've screeched myself voiceless on various forums trying to counter their blind Ahmadinejad-worship but to no avail - so here's my applause for speaking up!

RF said...

Thanks Parvati!

They drive me insane. No wonder they can't even do any useful analysis/organizing in their own societies. Here are the Iranian people creating a revolutionary movement, and these idiots can't see what's going on!!

Anyway, thank you for your own efforts at trying to talk some sense to these people.

In solidarity,