Monday, December 7, 2009

Iranian Revolution: Act II Continues

In solidarity with the Iranian university students!
Salute to all the heroic students, every one of whom is a leader and a fighter!
In unison with millions of students in Iran, we salute the freedom loving spirit of Shariat Razavi, Ghandchi and Bozorgnia!
People in Iran continue their fight. The state trembles at every one of these anniversaries. As reported on Revolutionary Road, one bus passenger in Tehran could be heard commenting on the cowardice of the regime: "They're afraid of their own shadows," says the passenger while filming the battalions and battalions of different security agencies lining up the streets, in an 'absolute show of force'.
Alas, such is the double-edged sword they wield. The more they have to occupy the streets to maintain control, the more they are not in control.
And the people's moves, when faced with only brutality and nothing else, will only get more radical over time. That, and more organized, plus more creative at times. One of the more creative moments of this round of battles was a new stunt: people were holding out money to Basijis, while chanting, "Maa ahl-e koofeh nisteem, pool begirim be'isteem!" (roughly, 'We're no paid thugs, who get paid to stand for something') (see the first video clip below).
For some of the best live reporting, see Revolutionary Road's live blogs from Tehran.

This is Tehran University:

Many more video clips available on's video page for 16 Azar ceremonies.

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