Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anniversary of Electoral Coup in Iran

From Payvand Iran News.

Worldwide Protests to Mark One-Year Anniversary of Iran's Disputed Election
  • Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch will cosponsor international events
  • Events in 70 cities including Tokyo, Istanbul, New York, Johannesburg, San Paulo, and Berlin
  • Online Prisoner of Conscience campaign is ongoing at
  • Mobile billboards in Los Angeles, Istanbul, and London, among other cities
  • 1/2 page newspaper and bus ads of prisoners of conscience in Johannesburg in conjunction with the world cup
Read complete report here ...

1) Bodies of Executed Hidden: Below is a piece that shows how scared the Islamic Republic is ... of dead bodies! The leaders of the Islamic Republic know fully well how deeply hated they are by the people. Why else would they be hiding the dead bodies of the Kurdish activists they executed on May 9, 2010? What can dead bodies do? Expose crimes perhaps?
2) Laughter Is Banned: This is a bit old now, but is still worth reposting; if there ever was a textbook case of moroseness of ossified religious minds displaying their hatred for life and joyousness, here it is:

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