Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Charshanbeh Suri!

There are lots of videos being posted of people in Iran taking to the streets on this third Protest Tuesday, this time to celebrate as well as to protest.

Here are a few, showing people having some oppositional political fun, while celebrating Charshanbeh Suri, (according to some) a 3,700-year old festival/celebration, based around a simple ritual of starting a bonfire and jumping over it; an act that is supposed to transfer one's negative energies to the fire, while the person absorbs the positive energies of the fire.

Happy Charshanbeh Soori to all Iranian people!

1) Tehran: Burning Ahmadi's & Khamenei's pictures:

2) Tehran:

3) Large crowd shouting slogans against regime:

4) Tehran: Burning Khamenei's picture:

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