Thursday, March 24, 2011

Khamenei's Jihad against Workers' Livelihood

Translation of an article by Morteza Kavian. Found the original at Raah-e Kargar website.

A Look at Khamenei's Norouz Address: Call to Jihad from Fear
by: Morteza Kavian / 23 March 2011

With the arrival of Norouz [New Year, first day of spring], Khamenei congratulated all fellow Iranians in and outside the country, as well as all others who celebrate Norouz and hold it in respect. But, he saved his special congratulations for the families of those who are "in the service of the system and revolution."

He said: "Of course, some bitter events occurring in some countries -- in Bahrain, against their dear people, in Yemen, in Libya -- does not make the new year refreshing for us, and prevents people from feeling the full joy of Norouz." But of course he did not show the same [feelings] for the people of Syria since it is totally understood among the regime's ranks that the issue of the anti-dictatorial movement in Syria should at all costs remain hushed and not talked about. Khamenei, along with all his corrupt systems' liars, have an incurable stupidity that prevents them from opening their eyes and seeing the vast and widespread informational and organizational capabilities [for connecting with others] in today's connected and Internet-filled world. However, watching a video clip [available on YouTube], in which the Syrian people who have risen up are shouting, "No Hezbollah, No Iran!" sheds new light on the dimensions of the Iranian rulers' disgraceful infamy [internationally].

More important, however, is that Khamenei could not admit that the refreshing taste of Norouz was spoiled for him not because people in the region were being killed by criminals just like him; but rather because of an incurable fear and dread -- about the determination of the movement of the people who have risen up and their collective decision to topple this ignominious system. A dread that has been forced on him and his supporters and [paid thugs].

Khamenei adds: "[In the past year] in the economic field, in political spheres, and with regards to the glorious presence of people in the political arena and in the service of revolution and ... we have witnessed that the country's officials too, in the executive branch, the legislative and the judiciary, have performed their duties; especially the executive branch in this one year has carried out great tasks, which include this very important and sensitive issue of rationalizing the subsidies."

In the tomb of Imam Reza, Khamenei says: "Carrying out the rationalization of subsidies, which all economic experts agree to, has been a goal and dream for some years, and with god's blessing, it started last year, and the cooperation of the people and the government in carrying it out has been excellent."

He said: "The most basic efforts and plans of the enemies of our people and our country are economic issues." And he adds: "That's why in this new year that has begun, we must pay attention to the most basic problems of the country, and in my view all these are economic problems. That is why I call this year 'Year of Economic Jihad' ... The natural movement [of the economic factors] is not enough; in this arena, we must take a leap with a fighting spirit."

Meanwhile, in this theatrical production Ahmadinejad too, in his Norouz message, displayed his exemplary and brazen shamelessness, and in explaining the "economic successes of last year", said: "Housing plans, investments and production continued speedily, and more than one million and six hundred thousand jobs were created in an unprecedented record in Iran." He also added that the plan for rationalizing subsidies, as a vast and transformative plan, started out well with unrivaled cooperation and support and alertness of the Iranian people, and is well on course. "In two to three years, we shall uproot the problem of unemployment from this shiny land, and in the near future no housing problems shall exist for the youth and the people of Iran."

The factor that reveals the [true nature of the] current conditions is the attempt to push forth with a fascistic policy, which is intent on going down its inauspicious path relying upon truncheons, which is exactly the meaning of the announcement of "economic jihad" by Khamenei, and also the policy of openly lying by Ahmadinejad government. A policy that has a thoroughly fascistic nature.

So now, this most enormous and painful operation on the body of the Iranian economy, from among all the limitless lies of Ahmadinejad and his Imam, arms itself with a naked sword, so as to be able to make possible the looting of the last pieces of livelihood not had by the dispossessed people, and so as to complete the assault against the empty tables of workers.

The magnificent movements in the Middle East and North Africa have so far illustrated clearly, and clarify [further] at each moment, that there exist only a hair's distance between their anti-dictatorial movement and bread issues. Additionally, the intensification and deepening of capital's neo-liberal policies in these countries have increasingly and continuously rendered freedom and social equality into inseparable components [of real liberty]. That is why Khamenei and his supporters know very well that their plans and moves in the political and economic arenas, especially under the conditions of mass collapse of people's support and the [regime's] lack of any legitimacy, will not work any more if lacking the characteristics of a "jihad". This is also why Khamenei included at the top of his advice to "teach and spread awareness" among the people about the "economic successes", which means nothing other than falsifying and lying to the workers and the poor, all the more.

Khamenei says, "Complaints have always existed among the officials from the beginning of the revolution, and that is the nature of such work. But, these complaints should not be brought among the people, and the people should not be made to suffer or get disappointed; the officials should rather solve such complaints amongst themselves." This advice is right along the same policy; a policy that is based on brute force on the one hand, and lies, deceits and secretiveness on the other.

However, the violent assault of the regime of religious guardians against the living conditions of the masses of workers and the poor -- an assault that has started for some months now and with reliance on this fascistic policy is supposed to continue its wretched spread -- will not go unanswered. Capital has always created the forces that are its own gravediggers; the expansion of the assault by the regime against the livelihoods of the workers of the country will create favorable conditions for connecting the anti-dictatorial struggles of the people with the movements seeking equality [and economic justice]. Conditions that will organize and bring the hardworking battalions of the Iranian working classes to the arena of struggle against the corrupt Islamic regime, and soon will uproot and get rid of the system of looting and violence and rotten reactionary religion that exist in Iran.

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opit said...

It might be useful to consider the activities at the Davos Conference concurrent to the implementation of the plan to remove Mubarak in Egypt to see that the usual cuplrits continue to sow dissent and suffering.
While it is true that most Westerners 'buy into' the shameless demonization of Iran as a nuclear menace ( makes zero sense, I know ), the international sanctions and bullying easily could predict suffering that is fiercely resisted.
From my side of the fence I even see representations that the Shah grew to care for Iran as Karzai has for long suffering Pakistan. Cruel and repressive ? Yes. But changing the guard so as to give people hope and snatch it away is a favourite game of the propaganda masters : it suppresses change and roots out resistance.
Sanctions are no joke : they nearly broke the 13 Colonies...until the leaders secretly signed away their birthright : as was done in England in 1066 at Hastings.