Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chavez walks on Iranian People's Blood

An awkward moment in an awkward dance: "Who's leading, me or you?"
From SB News.

Objection note to Venezuela president Hugo Chavez: Hands off Iran

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, [visited] Iran today, Saturday September 5, 2009. Chavez is walking on [the Iranian] people's blood in order to legitimize the globally acknowledged Hitler-like dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Regardless of the excuses, this is an intentional attempt by the head of a foreign government, the first since the 'election' farce, to legitimize IRI. Chavez is intervening against the people's struggle in their demand for political isolation of the Islamic Republic of Iran on their path to overthrow the IRI.

Please ... Call in or Fax your strongest word of objection to Venezuela's embassy in Tehran [...].

Embassy of Venezuela in Tehran, Iran:
FAX: +98-21-2202 0584
+98-21-2205 1955
+98-21-8871 5185
+98-21-8871 2840

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