Sunday, September 20, 2009

Iranian People's Uprising Continues

The post-election uprising of the Iranian people continues. On Quds (Jerusalem) Day 2009 (Friday, September 18), the anti-dictatorial movement of the people in Iran took to the streets, once again proving that it will not be cowed by brute force.

The coup regime of Khamenei-Ahmadinejad has showed its true face to the world, displayed its absolutist will to power, its unqualified contempt for any popular demands for the most basic of human rights, forget social justice, and showed us all its utter lack of scruples regarding the limits to which it would go in order to instill fear and obedience in the hearts of the people it wishes to rule over.

They sent their plainclothes paid goons to knife people demonstrating peacefully for their quashed rights; they arrested people by the thousands; disappeared people by the hundreds; tortured people without mercy, subjected them to repeated rounds of indiscriminate beatings with truncheons, chains and brass knuckles, fists and kicks to the head, to the limbs, in the process killing tens of detainees by inflicting head injuries, which were then shamelessly reported officially as 'deaths caused by meningitis'; they raped women and young boys in order to 'set them right', innovating in the techniques of correctional torture, supposedly adding a positive dimension to it, and in one case burning the body of the raped girl, who had died of internal bleeding, in order to cover up their crime, leaving the body in the outskirts of Tehran; they arrested journalists, bloggers, teachers, doctors, office workers, home makers, lawyers, high school and university students; they have announced plans to 'purge' the humanities of their 'corrupting' aspects, and we can assume that they will more systematically infuse random harassment, inquisition, detention, torture and possible rape (or the threat of it) into the life of the university campuses, in order to keep the assumed impurities out of the university subjects, which shall be Islamized and purified by force of arms, by paid thugs, those true enemies of things scientific, artistic and decent; they even outlawed the right to mourn the death of a loved one, taking away the right to bury one's own blood and bones killed by men calling themselves pious, taking away the people's right to even hold a private wake in their homes.

In short, they announced in the purest form possible that they have declared an open-ended war against the great majority of the society, and that in this war they will not spare any of the most sadistic and barbaric means available to man.

And the people, having no choice, have joined the fight. Their presence on the streets of Tehran, Tabriz, Shirza, Isfahan, Rasht, Sanandaj and many other cities on Quds Day 2009, a day the regime of thieves uses in a most sinister fashion to pose as a defender of Palestinian people, on this day when public rallies and protests are allowed, the Iranian people came out onto the streets reclaiming the true solidarity that exists between the people of Iran and the Palestinian people.

In Tehran, the people's slogans reflected a redefinition of the Quds day, a re-appropriation of the day by the people, declaring loud and clear that the Iranian people's oppressors have a lot in common with the oppressors of the Palestinian people:
• "Ey daad az in jenaayat: Ghazeh biyaa hemaayat!" (Woe be upon this crime: Gaza come to our support!);
• "Ahmadi-ye terrorist; farqhe to baa Sharon chist?" (You terrorist Ahmadi[nejad]; what's your difference with Sharon?);
• "Iran shodeh Felesteen; mardom cheraa neshasteen?" (Iran's become Palestine; why are people sitting around?);
• "Na Ghazeh, na Lobnaan; jaanam fadaaye Iran!" (Neither Lebanon nor Gaza; I'll give my life for Iran!).
The people are also showing political astuteness in their slogans in other arenas. It has now become customary to hear, "Death to Russia!" and "Death to China!" People correctly see for what it is the too-chummy-for-comfort type of relationship that Russia and China have established with this regime of death, torture and rape, and at every opportunity they yell their disgust out loud at the regime's goons and their leaders.

[The people know well how for their wretched support the Russians have been awarded total rights to plunder as they will the Iranian bit of the Caspian sea, its resources and habitats, and for the Iranian people this harkens back to the Treaty of Turkmenchay, one of the more shameful concessions given by the Iranian state to a foreign power; back in 1828, the Turkmenchay concessions were also made to the Russians.]

How long and how many times can a people stand by as they are insulted and kicked in the head while their corrupt, despotic leaders, for successive state setups, give away the public goods to this or that foreign power?

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